Dying Sun Redemption

And old Macdonald had a goblin...
e i e i o

The intrepid adventurers go to investigate the farm and found goblins waiting in ambush. beating them back, and capturing one. 10 goblins and 4 goblin dogs are apparently no match for our fearless group. a search of the farm turned up the bones of the husband and kids of the farm wife the group rescued from the orcs. and evidence the goblins came from the south.

The group brought the goblin back for questioning, and stopped at the evenstar shrine to spend the night before progressing to the orcish citadel. questioning the goblin, the party had mixed feelings about how to progress… but the druid at least was helpful in providing a placed to stay and offered to speed the group on thier way to the citadel.

in the mean time who was theardulfri and why did he scare Solem so much? and the news that Jenna was stolen from the temple of Sarenrae thru the sewers was met with much despair.

Ambush at the north road

Having settled on a wagon to travel to their destination, the party sets out amidst a heavy rain, getting off the paved road north toward the citadel, Valen finds evidence of travelers in the mud. Seeing the road goes into a valley with high cliffs on both sides, the party sends Nina forward to scout out the possibility of an ambush. Nina finds the encampment of Orcs and reports back, the party obliterates all but one of the orcs, and rescues a slave they had caught. Valen had fallen into a pit and skewered by some pungi sticks. he developed a fever and was cured by a scroll they had found.

in the mean time, One orc got away on a horse. And it has seen Thildigg. hrm… wonder if the orcs have a prophecy regarding her…

Puck watches the group from the shadows and smirks appreciatively at Nina’s Caustic wit and lack of concern for the Farmer’s wife.
Pharisma whispers to him: “Why is it you insisted she come anyway?”
Puck merely smiles.
Pharisma shrugs, ‘let the Trickster have his fun’ she thought, she could never tell who’s side he was on, or simply he likes chaos.
Puck nods toward the fleeing Orc. “that’s going to be fascinating.” He bows mockingly and fades out to go watch other things.
Pharisma ponders the group a little while longer, notes Valen’s rescue and ensure’s the orc doesn’t mess with the cart. gaining a little karma to work toward her own ends later.
“I Wonder what they would think if they knew the import of what they do… would they crack under the strain?” with that thought she fades out… already planning a sending.

The Task is set

Meetings and plans, the crew re-stocks itself, picks up a new member, a local. and the Governor Ededara sets the task for the group to get it’s ‘citizenship’ settled by retrieving an amulet.

dark times are brewing, the group gets used to haggling, the orcs are getting bold, and nina pisses off the farrier.

Helenstadt at last!

after a gruelling 20 hours in the dungeon, the adventurers ran into some undead Ogres, paralyzing the Dragonborn Sandeep in the first few seconds of the battle the rest of the party managed to survive long enough to bring the 4 undead down. bad memories on the part of Solem from the death of his mother and Sandeep from the assaults on his homeland both of them continue to ‘ensure’ the ogres are indeed inert. after leaving that room the members of the party found the stairs out of the mountain hold.

Travelling out into the night, they find themselves at the foot of a waterfall, trailing the water down to a trail they head a few miles into the forest, bagging a deer and entering the farmlands of Helenstadt keep. Arriving at the gate a few hours before dawn, the party members are greeted by Herico the night watchmen a dwarf from the northlands, he is astonished to see Thildigg and recommends an inn where the party may stay. the Come Back Inn. Questioned about thier origins, The party admits they are from other worlds, met with much disbelief by thier escort.

The party is shown to the inn by one of the night guardsmen and they quickly accept the accomodations offered at the price requested. Valen, the one holdout choosing to go to the park to sleep under the stars. Solem makes a disturbing discovery when he takes his bath, finding dragon scales on his legs. Thildigg, the sacred dwarf, is awakened by her request at dawn and as she leaves her room to go to the commons to do her morning ablutions and prayers, she discoveres she has two Dwarven guards at her door, much to her surprise.

Sandeep chooses to go do some training with the local guard drills and Solem finds him there, questioning him about the dragonscales… Sandeep merely says ‘welcome to the family’

I broke her
Second session

After resting in the Dungeon, the party is contemplative from thier vivid dreams, portents of good and evil reside… Solem awoke calling his mother, Sandeep awoke thinking of his brother, Valen awoke feeling the peace of the ocean flowing thru his mind.

After preparing to head out, the party winds north, but Solem feels that is not the way to go, having known his sense worked out earlier, they turn around and go west from thier resting place… thru the flagstones and moss covered halls past the pit trap and into a larger chamber. fighting skeletons and discovering treasure, breaking down a door that would not unlock drew the attention of a few elemental phantoms. setting up an ambush for the skeletons thildigg dusted them with her channeling. cleaning up from that… Nina decided to surprise Sandeep and ended up being gravely wounded, Thildigg had to heal her to keep her from dying. Nina woke up stating how stupid she was for doing that… and the party decided to rest there.

Dying Sun Redemption begins

Under a Red and dying sun, Tamatico is falling deeper into it’s final years. Eons of struggle, strife and carnage have taken its toll on the inhabitants too. More and more undead are cropping up all over the place, taking the spots living creatures would normally be. As the Planet starts to die, other beings are taking ill… most noticibly the Dwarves, thier numbers are shrinking and some normally healthy age Dwarves are coming down with illnesses that baffle explanation… or cures.

The Gods have noticed and are starting to take action…

The Heroes Meet

The Gods are arguing….

Pharisma: We should let the planet die it’s natural death… it’s been around a long time. let it go.

Sarenrae: No, the most ardent believers and followers deserve better than that. These are the people who we created, we placed them here, we should at least give them a chance.

Irori: Justice being what it is, we should set a challenge for them.

Pharisma: The challenge must be set, but we all determine the contestants

Puck: i know… let’s bring fresh blood in, if they can figure out the dance…

Sometime later….

Pharisma: yes. the course is set. the contestants in place.. on the equinox.

Sarenrae: we are decided?

Unanimous agreement… with one sneer.

Puck: it is begun.

Sandeep Dev Devanta, dragonborne, Valen Takeru Shouta, Elf, Thildigg Yurlin, Dwarf, Nina Ariget, Elf, Solem Northwind, Human.
Being Transported to the planet on a ledge overlooking a cliff, they are informed they must fight thier way down to the township below. spending a few minutes getting to know thier surroundings, they venture into the mountainous hold , with abilities they didn’t know they had beforehand.

Nina being the scout and thildigg the dwarf make sure that there are little traps, but thier combat is with the undead vermin, skeletons, ghouls and grey monkey corpses they have prevailed so far. tensions run high and the dwarven cleric gets too close to the action too often. after a few rooms the party has spent most of it’s healing and combat spells. but rest is not in the picture… an hour and a half after they settle down… screams and and whimpering bring the party out to what they think is a damsel in distress. But alas it’s only a lure to a pit trap, into which Nina Falls. the Party notes a magicked sound maker… and returns to thier room to rest.


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