Dying Sun Redemption

Ambush at the north road

Having settled on a wagon to travel to their destination, the party sets out amidst a heavy rain, getting off the paved road north toward the citadel, Valen finds evidence of travelers in the mud. Seeing the road goes into a valley with high cliffs on both sides, the party sends Nina forward to scout out the possibility of an ambush. Nina finds the encampment of Orcs and reports back, the party obliterates all but one of the orcs, and rescues a slave they had caught. Valen had fallen into a pit and skewered by some pungi sticks. he developed a fever and was cured by a scroll they had found.

in the mean time, One orc got away on a horse. And it has seen Thildigg. hrm… wonder if the orcs have a prophecy regarding her…

Puck watches the group from the shadows and smirks appreciatively at Nina’s Caustic wit and lack of concern for the Farmer’s wife.
Pharisma whispers to him: “Why is it you insisted she come anyway?”
Puck merely smiles.
Pharisma shrugs, ‘let the Trickster have his fun’ she thought, she could never tell who’s side he was on, or simply he likes chaos.
Puck nods toward the fleeing Orc. “that’s going to be fascinating.” He bows mockingly and fades out to go watch other things.
Pharisma ponders the group a little while longer, notes Valen’s rescue and ensure’s the orc doesn’t mess with the cart. gaining a little karma to work toward her own ends later.
“I Wonder what they would think if they knew the import of what they do… would they crack under the strain?” with that thought she fades out… already planning a sending.



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