Dying Sun Redemption

And old Macdonald had a goblin...

e i e i o

The intrepid adventurers go to investigate the farm and found goblins waiting in ambush. beating them back, and capturing one. 10 goblins and 4 goblin dogs are apparently no match for our fearless group. a search of the farm turned up the bones of the husband and kids of the farm wife the group rescued from the orcs. and evidence the goblins came from the south.

The group brought the goblin back for questioning, and stopped at the evenstar shrine to spend the night before progressing to the orcish citadel. questioning the goblin, the party had mixed feelings about how to progress… but the druid at least was helpful in providing a placed to stay and offered to speed the group on thier way to the citadel.

in the mean time who was theardulfri and why did he scare Solem so much? and the news that Jenna was stolen from the temple of Sarenrae thru the sewers was met with much despair.



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