Dying Sun Redemption

Helenstadt at last!

after a gruelling 20 hours in the dungeon, the adventurers ran into some undead Ogres, paralyzing the Dragonborn Sandeep in the first few seconds of the battle the rest of the party managed to survive long enough to bring the 4 undead down. bad memories on the part of Solem from the death of his mother and Sandeep from the assaults on his homeland both of them continue to ‘ensure’ the ogres are indeed inert. after leaving that room the members of the party found the stairs out of the mountain hold.

Travelling out into the night, they find themselves at the foot of a waterfall, trailing the water down to a trail they head a few miles into the forest, bagging a deer and entering the farmlands of Helenstadt keep. Arriving at the gate a few hours before dawn, the party members are greeted by Herico the night watchmen a dwarf from the northlands, he is astonished to see Thildigg and recommends an inn where the party may stay. the Come Back Inn. Questioned about thier origins, The party admits they are from other worlds, met with much disbelief by thier escort.

The party is shown to the inn by one of the night guardsmen and they quickly accept the accomodations offered at the price requested. Valen, the one holdout choosing to go to the park to sleep under the stars. Solem makes a disturbing discovery when he takes his bath, finding dragon scales on his legs. Thildigg, the sacred dwarf, is awakened by her request at dawn and as she leaves her room to go to the commons to do her morning ablutions and prayers, she discoveres she has two Dwarven guards at her door, much to her surprise.

Sandeep chooses to go do some training with the local guard drills and Solem finds him there, questioning him about the dragonscales… Sandeep merely says ‘welcome to the family’



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