Dying Sun Redemption

I broke her

Second session

After resting in the Dungeon, the party is contemplative from thier vivid dreams, portents of good and evil reside… Solem awoke calling his mother, Sandeep awoke thinking of his brother, Valen awoke feeling the peace of the ocean flowing thru his mind.

After preparing to head out, the party winds north, but Solem feels that is not the way to go, having known his sense worked out earlier, they turn around and go west from thier resting place… thru the flagstones and moss covered halls past the pit trap and into a larger chamber. fighting skeletons and discovering treasure, breaking down a door that would not unlock drew the attention of a few elemental phantoms. setting up an ambush for the skeletons thildigg dusted them with her channeling. cleaning up from that… Nina decided to surprise Sandeep and ended up being gravely wounded, Thildigg had to heal her to keep her from dying. Nina woke up stating how stupid she was for doing that… and the party decided to rest there.



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