Nina Ariget

Elven Rogue, Female. Player


Born of the High Elven Nobility, Nina’s Position as a Scout was a point of pride for her parents. As she has often been getting into and out of places unseen, she kept the borderlands safe for a decade before discovering the amulet that led her to the temple.

When I was 13 I asked my parents if i could be a rogue. At first they said no, but when I prostested with stealing things at school, they had no choice. being a daughter of the Kings brother, I was going to get whatever I wanted sooner or later, because, being who I was, I could cause a lot of trouble. Soon the royale “scout” trainers came to train me to be a “scout”. I prefer the word rogue to my description because I dont like those fancy shmancy names. “Scout” is the same as “rogue.” Before I was rudely interrupted with my thoughts, I was talking about training. My training took a long time before I could call myself anything at all. When I was finally done with it, the king took hold of the opportunity to seize my talent. He sent me on impotant missions, like spying, or stealing stuff that was rightfully stolen by others. And because of these missions, I felt like a puppy dog that came running whenever my master called. I am rebelliously sarcastic, and I only hold my tongue for fear of waking up as a ghost looking over my body that has a dagger through the heart. I want to protest further, but I don’t. I fear the king has sensed my foreboding to do his bidding because I go on less and less missions. I long for the time of my freedom…

Nina Ariget

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