Thildigg Yurlin

Sacred Dwarven Cleric (Earth elemental ancestry)


STR 16 +3
DEX 14 +2
CON 17 +4
INT 18 +4
WIS 18 +4
CHA 15 +2

Fortitude +6
Reflex +2
Will +6
Base Attack Bonus +3
Initiative +2

Armor Class
Armor Class 18
Woven Spidersilk Armor +5
Shield, Light Steel +1

Scimitar (Favored weapon of Sarenrae) +1 S 1d6 18-20/x2
Dwarven Urgrosh +1 S/P 1d8(S)/1d6(P) 19-20/x3
Throwing Dagger (4) – P 1d4 18-20/x2
Ogre Thigh Bone -4 B 1d6-1 NA

Profession: Stonecutter
Profession: Healer (First Aid)
Craft: Rune Scribe
Craft: Glyph Scribe (5th level)

Special Abilities (Racial)
+2 CON, -2 CHA
Darkvision 60 ft. (black & white) (Can also see in no light, as well as low light.)
+1 attack bonus on rolls against orcs and goblinoids (ancient enemy)
+4 Save vs poison
+4 Save vs sleep & paralysis, CANNOT BE STUNNED
+2 Appraisal checks – stone or metal & rare or exotic items
+2 Craft checks – stone or metal

Special Abilities (Divine)
1 Turning checks
+1 Knowledge (religion)
Touch imparts peace and calm(succor), alleviates pain.
Orisons: 0 level spells cast not expended and can be used again.
Spontaneous casting: Good aligned cleric can channel positive energy into healing without spending Healing spell slot.
Stonesinger: Cast at 1 level higher when using spells with earth designation or granted powers from Earth Domain.
Granted Powers(Can use 3x per day + WIS mod.):
Healing – Rebuke death: Touch can heal and stabilize person at or below 0 HP for 1d4
1/2 cleric levels
Sun – Sun’s blessing: Channeling positive energy harms undead (1d6 + 1d6 every 2 levels + cleric level added to damage).
Earth – Acid dart: Acid dart against any foe within 30 ft (ranged touch) for 1d6 + Cleric level.


Appearance: Translucent pale grey skin, looks like a marble statue when standing still, Grey eyes, no pupils. She has perfect vision, along with low light and darkvision, though due to lack of pupils, she may appear blind. Standing 3’11" 148 lbs. Female Dwarf, lower half of face has hanging woven chains of Silver seemingly growing out of her skin. Projects majestic personality, and inner strength. She is several centuries old and by Dwarven standards of age, she is ageless.

Thildigg Yurlin

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