Inner Circle Signet Ring

Simple Iron ring with semi-precious stone inlays


Signet ring of grayish iron. Round rim surrounds a half circle divided into three equal sections atop a triangle bisected by a stylized Celtic cross. Each section is filled with semi-precious stone. It is a gift of high regard and has no divine powers or properties.

Top left: Agate red signifying grievous wounds (healing)
Top center: Lapis lazuli blue signifying pain and suffering (succor)
Top left: Blank* (Onyx) black signifying death (resurrection)
Bottom left: Tiger’s eye golden brown signifying autumn (redemption)
Bottom right: Jade green signifying spring (rebirth)
Spaces: Citrine yellow signifying the Everlight

  • Blank window will open and be filled with Onyx and the ring will transform to well forged silver, when Thildigg reaches 14th Level and can cast Resurrection, thus conquering death.

This ring is given only to those of the inner circle and shows she is highly regarded within the Sarenrae clerical community, though she does not outrank anyone around her . . . yet. It has no divine powers or properties.

Inner Circle Signet Ring

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