Scimitar (Initiate of the Dawnflower)

A scimitar is a long curved sword used for slashing.

weapon (melee)

Chosen Weapon of the Goddess Sarenrae, the Everlight
Initiate of the Dawnflower

1d6 S
18-20 x2 Crit


After training for many, many years as an Initiate of the Dawnflower (the trusted inner circle of the Everlight), this sword was given as a gift to Thildigg from the Goddess Sarenrae herself.

Initiates of the Dawnflower are temperate and patient in all things and they hold peace and compassion to be their most valuable virtues. They are charged with the duty of redeeming the lost (those gone astray on the wrong path and enemies of the faith). To those who profane and disdain life and the life force (those who glory in slaughter and death; those of remorseless evil who are the spawners of the undead, fiends and abominations; and, those who inflict pain, cruelty and oppression upon the innocent), belong swift justice at the scimitar’s edge.

They are also well trained in sword play, as a form of martial art, much like Tai Chi, for centering of mind and body and as a form of defense and protection from harm. But most importantly for the purpose of mercy at the sword’s edge, so that those found to be unredeemable do not suffer unduly or any longer than necessary. Followers of the Everlight believe that even the unredeemable deserve to die swiftly and as painlessly as possible.

The Initiate of the Dawnflower must rise each morning at dawn to give thanks and praise to the rising sun, perform morning ablutions and prayers, and have a morning workout with her scimitar.

Scimitar (Initiate of the Dawnflower)

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