Dying Sun Redemption

The Heroes Meet

The Gods are arguing….

Pharisma: We should let the planet die it’s natural death… it’s been around a long time. let it go.

Sarenrae: No, the most ardent believers and followers deserve better than that. These are the people who we created, we placed them here, we should at least give them a chance.

Irori: Justice being what it is, we should set a challenge for them.

Pharisma: The challenge must be set, but we all determine the contestants

Puck: i know… let’s bring fresh blood in, if they can figure out the dance…

Sometime later….

Pharisma: yes. the course is set. the contestants in place.. on the equinox.

Sarenrae: we are decided?

Unanimous agreement… with one sneer.

Puck: it is begun.

Sandeep Dev Devanta, dragonborne, Valen Takeru Shouta, Elf, Thildigg Yurlin, Dwarf, Nina Ariget, Elf, Solem Northwind, Human.
Being Transported to the planet on a ledge overlooking a cliff, they are informed they must fight thier way down to the township below. spending a few minutes getting to know thier surroundings, they venture into the mountainous hold , with abilities they didn’t know they had beforehand.

Nina being the scout and thildigg the dwarf make sure that there are little traps, but thier combat is with the undead vermin, skeletons, ghouls and grey monkey corpses they have prevailed so far. tensions run high and the dwarven cleric gets too close to the action too often. after a few rooms the party has spent most of it’s healing and combat spells. but rest is not in the picture… an hour and a half after they settle down… screams and and whimpering bring the party out to what they think is a damsel in distress. But alas it’s only a lure to a pit trap, into which Nina Falls. the Party notes a magicked sound maker… and returns to thier room to rest.


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