Solem Northwind

Solem Northwind, Sorceror of the borean northlands of his homeworld, Solem has a quick wit and a brooding past. known for his sense of danger, his odd behavior and his biographical habit of writing in his journal before bedtime, he makes a strong companion and willing to step up and help a teammate, even if they believe in the gods but he spurns them for letting his family die.

“Player info for Character” Solem Northwind

Mother: Emeralles Angela Northwind, age at death:35: Height 5’4, Weight 120lb, Hair Coal black,
Eyes Ice Blue. Strong minded, fair, loving, patient, eager to learn and teach. Lovely voice even in song. Did have a strange past, husband did know of. could be very protective. Not affraid to defend home or family. Cold did not bother her at all, one strange thing…

Father: Nathaniel Authormedies Northwind, age at death:41: Height 6’7, Weight 233lbs, Hair Earth Brown, Eyes Jade Green. Stern, knowledgeable, Prankster, aggressive when protectiving home and or family. Regilious, knew of wifes past, and stood by her no matter what. Gental to both wife and son. Like books and loved writing. Eager to learn and teach. One strange thing…father worried when mother gotten upset and angery, kept stating name:
Markus Ludwig Northwind….
Never knew who it was that they were talking about, never asked.

Parents were killed in a raid that hit the village. The raiders were Ocrs, Giants, and Trolls strangenly enough….Father flew out to see the raiders, then rushed inside and snatched up all supplies and nearly threw us outside to head for the shelter that was forified w/stone and Oak wood. Once inside father and Mother left me in the care of a neighbor and I watched as the raiders over took most of the village, but were fought back by us a our neighbering village… After the fighting was over, i managed to escape outside and a Orc rushed towards me…Mother took the blunt of the blow and we went crashing down to the ground w/her on top. The Orc managed to smile at me while he struck her over and over again. The in a fury and quickness I have never seen, father split the orc in half, just as a javlin pearcied his chest and he was pulled w/the retreating raiders. Later he was found split and quatered….His head was missing..never found…

Solem Northwind

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